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ampires Suck! They do indeed. And we love them for it. But these are not you're average, run of the mill, Bela Lugosi- esque counts. No, they're whiny goth-punks, all according to the good folks at White Wolf.

This is Vampires Suck. A webcomic, updated once a week, at Saturdays. I suggest you abuse the RSS-feed. If you read from the start, you'll have every chance of getting to know the cast. The overall style and storylines has gone through quite a LOT of changes during the years. It's all due to my constant urge to experiment and try new ideas and techniques. The cast has gone through quite a lot as well, making up for new characters and abandoning others. Thus, I've decided to remove the cast crash-course from this page. It served no actual point other than to confuse the newly embraced these days.

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