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The undead unlive a lonely life. Cherish the friends you have, because they will stab you in the chest.

  • Fanny Niklasson Wihlborg
    Fellow oWoD-geek and friend. Her visual interpretations of the undead is void of cartoon silliness - Thank God for that! We need grit, misery and a punch in the face once in a while.
  • Tecknarmartin
    Fellow freelancer and friend. And excellent chef but prefers wine and cider before beer. I guess he's hung like a horse and does not need to display masculinity through choice of beverage.
  • Björn Silfverberg
    Fellow freelancer and friend. He's probably the drummer in our Drunken Band - superior in technique and gets all the groupies. Oh, and he hates vampires. A lot. And he hates you for liking vampires.
  • Victor Näär
    Fellow freelancer and friend. His brushes bleed onto the fabrics of lies, throwing us headfirst into a ghoulish nightmare filled to the brim with gallows humour. You had better hide all sharp objects.