Vampires Suck - Unlife is not easy in a World of Darkness A gloomy webcomic about gloomy gaming and an overall sense of gloom.. en-us 2011 Linus Larsson 2018-10-19T08:00:19+01:00 2ma2 Shit Inevitable, but sad none the less. Untitled Misanthropy is a powerful drug. Hate does not appear without reason, but it is seldom the object of Subtle difference I guess some of you would like to replace "White Wolf" with "Black Dog" up there, but I firmly state Gesundheit Spring's hell for everyone. Nude photo shoot And there's still at least one Japanese. No exceptions! I'm kind of hung over in Uppsala at the mome Sensory Input There is a saying. I've heard it on numerous occasions in numerous of places. It goes roughly: "Ther Powergaming and Prejudice Well, they're thorough at least.. Not that such a system would function properly. There's just too David has the answer You know, I'm actually quite nice. Nice enough to throw this shit onto you AFTER Valentine's day. A Disgrace A bit of a storm yesterday, but this morning, a awoke once again to the blissful flickering of Ra, a Prometheans Suck Let me swiftly detour into the Shelley-field of romantic horror. I will return immediately. The punc