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Updated at 2010-10-17

Alright, so I've rummaged about a bit on the site, and in the way I plan to make these strips. This is a web-comic after all, and to make a comic adapted for a printed copy the majority of you will not even see is.. just dumb! Not so dumb anymore, well that's my ambition, and I guess only time will tell whether I have succeeded or not..

There miiiiight be some news in the updating schedule as well. Not quite yet, no, but eventually.. I'll get back to you on that.

I've also written a quick commenting function to work with the site. If you'd like to comment the comic, or just say 'hi', but can't be bothered to register at the forum, then this segment is for you. It's perfectly free from any form of registering, and carries a lightweight spam-bot protection.

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Torpor 2011-05-12

Let the dead rest until they are needed again. It is no use to deny it any longer. I have to put Vampires Suck on indefinite hold for now. There's a number of reasons why, and I'll try to sum them up fairly quickly.

One thing is the internet as a medium in itself. You've seen me contemplate in earlier commentaries how the need for proper updates and a fair amount of content each update makes longer storylines challenging. After my first creative breakdown, I started the Chronicles of coffee and cigarettes, adjusting focus from the setting to those who (ab)use it. These were short gags presented as strips. But I don't want to make strips. Or gags for that matter. At least not now.

VS evolved into something I find much more interesting creating — a story. Some of you, who play any edition of WoD, realise this as well. It's not about how shitty or badass your character is in a game mechanic balance perspective. It is the drama that inevitably will surface because everything you touch will turn to shit. Life's still a fucking joke, but everyone doesn't get it, and others don't find it particularly funny.

Continuing on what has been done is troublesome. I could start making proper 'zines altogether out of VS, but there's simply too much backstory only available online. And then there's my conscious decision to direct VS to those already familiar with the Masquerade-setting. A proper shift in medium would require a full re-boot, and probably to drop the universe by White Wolf altogether.

But I assure you that the vampires have not returned into the shadows forever. They are always present, and the great resource material for classical Victorian horror can be applied within a multitude of settings. But VS as it is and has been, will not be for quite a while. I am deeply indebted to you all for giving me these 4 years.

Thank you so much,
I love you.


Me2010-10-17 14:14:42

Just wanted to say: Love ur comic, been reading it for a while and it makes me wanna play vamp again ;) thanks and keep up the awsm work!

Crabe2010-10-17 19:16:31


Tyrantos2010-10-17 22:12:10

Trying out this system for you mate. I hope it works out fine, And i wish you good luck with your future plans. Also... I smell a Sitcom~

Myrra2010-10-18 13:35:51

Var kan man hittadessa tryckta böcker? Jag vill ha dem, äga dem, och älska dem ^^

SZ2010-10-18 14:00:27

Just want to say that your comic is awesome. Keep it up.

Falk2010-10-18 15:53:38

I just... I just wanted to say hi!

Dork Lord2010-10-18 17:16:44

Ah Lucius... all alone in your new pointless kingdom. Was it worth selling out the closest thing to a friend you as a bloodsucking leech had? Tsk tsk...

Wikimancer2010-10-18 17:56:08

Your "previous" and "archive" links are broken, as well as your "first blood" link.

sir monko2010-10-18 18:24:17

i think you broke your archive :(

2ma22010-10-18 20:13:41

Did I mess up? Probably.. Oh well, I'll fix it up immediately! To err is human, to really fuck up is right up there with God. It was easily fixed (I hope) so no biggie. But what is this I hear about the Archive being broken? I can't really see what's wrong. The navigation (Previous, Next etc) works and so does the links in the Archive?

Nachtaktiv2010-10-18 21:48:34

Underbar serie, man längtar varje vecka efter nytt att dra på mungiporna åt. Jag äro hågad att upprätthålla läsningen.

Ness2010-10-19 05:12:31

I absolutely love your comic! Poor abel XD

TecknarMartin the Bloody2010-10-21 15:22:43

I like the new format and the comment function with these cute avatars. Until Lucius dies of old age, make mine Vampire!

2ma22010-10-21 18:11:36

Thanks y'all! Fix of Archives and Navigation: There was a small but Oh So Crucial difference if you surfed into the site by vampire.riotamot.com or riotamot.com/vampire - Thanks for Evil of the chillier kind for giving my the vital clue. I owe you one! =) Though now, I had some problems making a new comment. I wonder if I had some "illegal" characters in the post. Goddammit, now I have to figure out what's koscher and what's not.. =(

Cold Evil2010-10-21 22:36:29

No problem, that’s a major boon. ;D

Nikki DB2010-10-21 22:49:55

Your comic is great. Absolutely addicted to checking for updates. Lucius needs more strips. Also P makes me giggle.

Salem2010-10-22 05:50:23

Your comic is awesome! I enjoy the dark humour in the comic and find it very similiar to my adventures in VTM. Looking forward to getting your comic book. Too bad the title of the comic is now associated with a really shitty movie that was suppose to make fun of another shitty movie and novel series

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