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204: Aw, c'mon!
Updated at 2010-10-24

What the f-?! I waited a whole week for just ONE LOUSY STRIP?! Yes, I guess you did. Sorry about that.. but the good news is that, there shall not be another week until the next update. Starting from now, Sunday the 24th of October 2010, VS will update twice a week for your reading pleasure! The plan is to give you an update every Sunday and Wednesday.

Doesn't two strips equal a whole page? Isn't this the EXACT amount of material, just split into two smaller parts? Ha ha, no, no.. maybe.. I don't know! I couldn't place a whole lot of plot in a normal page anyway. They were more suited to be read a couple at a time. And these strips seem to contain the same amount of actual storytelling as one of those pages, but with the advantage of leaving some room for a vaguely entertaining punchline, so I hope there's, actually, somehow MORE VS to darken your night. I hope you feel that way too.. Please feel that way too! Plz!!1!

Now, the actual navigation works as well. It'll teach me to be careful with sub-domains contra sub-folders in the future! Or throw away this homebrewn site engine and work with ComicPress instead, like the big boys. Then again, trying to get something I built myself to work properly, or trying to get something someone ELSE built to work properly.. the first option is slightly more appealing.. slightly..

Tried out Hunter: the Vigil yesterday.. yesternight.. something. I haven't worked a lot with the whole Hunter-scene, but that game is really interesting. Usually, when playing a mortal in WoD (N or O, doesn't matter), shit happens and you divide your investigative skills in two parts - IC and OOC. OOC, ie. as a player, you notice the burst ribcage, and realise that something didn't break into that chest - something broke OUT. Then you try to think up a way for your character IC to justify these insane wounds and fit them into their predetermined world-picture. The game focuses a lot around the mental anguish of slowly having this world-picture torn apart, much like Call of Cthulhu or Kult, and then the active/passive decision to take arms against the Monsters Under The Bed, or simply being dragged screaming and kicking into a padded cell, being one more victim of the "Masquerade".

As a Hunter, the division between IC and OOC is simply not there. You may very well, as a character, suspect that something did actually break out of that ribcage, and plan to deal with it through investigative skills and brute force (not necessarily in that order). Your characters has already had it's pretty world-picture torn and burnt to cinders, and decided that a crucifix and a shotgun will do just fine in its absence. You're still a victim, but a victim with a crucifix and a shotgun - and a solid determination to accompany it! Faith, Conviction and Firepower.. mmm..

Add a relaxed attitude toward civilian casualties and collateral damage, and you've successfully created a Monster. A man, whose conviction will cause grief, misery and misfortune as well as death and dismay in the pursuit of annihilating Evil. No fangs, wings or horns. Just a man in all her glory. And that's scary!

Nomine patri et fili .44 Colt sancti

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Torpor 2011-05-12

Let the dead rest until they are needed again. It is no use to deny it any longer. I have to put Vampires Suck on indefinite hold for now. There’s a number of reasons why, and I’ll try to sum them up fairly quickly.

One thing is the internet as a medium in itself. You’ve seen me contemplate in earlier commentaries how the need for proper updates and a fair amount of content each update makes longer storylines challenging. After my first creative breakdown, I started the Chronicles of coffee and cigarettes, adjusting focus from the setting to those who (ab)use it. These were short gags presented as strips. But I don’t want to make strips. Or gags for that matter. At least not now.

VS evolved into something I find much more interesting creating – a story. Some of you, who play any edition of WoD, realise this as well. It’s not about how shitty or badass your character is in a game mechanic balance perspective. It is the drama that inevitably will surface because everything you touch will turn to shit. Life’s still a fucking joke, but everyone doesn’t get it, and others don’t find it particularly funny.

Continuing on what has been done is troublesome. I could start making proper ‘zines altogether out of VS, but there’s simply too much backstory only available online. And then there’s my conscious decision to direct VS to those already familiar with the Masquerade-setting. A proper shift in medium would require a full re-boot, and probably to drop the universe by White Wolf altogether.

But I assure you that the vampires have not returned into the shadows forever. They are always present, and the great resource material for classical Victorian horror can be applied within a multitude of settings. But VS as it is and has been, will not be for quite a while. I am deeply indebted to you all for giving me these 4 years.

Thank you so much,
I love you.

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Falk2010-10-25 12:32:27

Those guys who are the offspring of the devil are awesome. Though the name "The Lucifuge" is worthless. Oh, and to all of you out there who are doubting, do join the forum for awesome discussions! http://www.riotamot.com/vampire/forum/

2ma22010-10-25 21:10:58

"(He who) flees the light" - quite fitting for a Hunter, don't you think ;) If you have an hour or six to spare, I recommend picking up a book on Qliphoth. It's rather.. fascinating. The commenting function seem busted, and I have no idea why. I had to make this one through phpMyAdmin, yet Falk managed to post without problems. Gah!

Unknown2010-10-25 21:16:37

Type your delightful comment, full of insight and enlightenment here, please!

Martin the Bloody2010-10-25 21:17:21

Finally some Abel!

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