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209: Display of disapproval
Updated at 2010-11-10

I guess you could guess the equivalent of a Tzimisce faceplant. But your own imagination would surpass my visual exploits ANY day. It's pure fucking H.R. Giger material that, and maybe some day I'll dwell into the transmutation horrors without the crutch and helping hand of humour to guide me. But not today!

I think I'm slowly losing my sanity. It's a fascinating experience where everything around me slowly deteriorate into a strange and foreign wasteland. Unaware and unaccustomed to the customs of the poor natives who reside within, I exist beside them rather than alongside them. Would that make me a juxtaposer? *Badum-dish* Oh ho ho ho!

I really don't GET the world right now.. or I get it too well.. I prefer the latter since it gives me that edge of superiority that elevates me from "outcast emo" to "visionary prophet". It's all really semantics, is it not?

Thanks so much to all you who post comments! It's fucking awesome to hear from you readers! I love you! =D

Ouch.. I mean, y'know.. Ouch!..

Torpor 2011-05-12

Let the dead rest until they are needed again. It is no use to deny it any longer. I have to put Vampires Suck on indefinite hold for now. There's a number of reasons why, and I'll try to sum them up fairly quickly.

One thing is the internet as a medium in itself. You've seen me contemplate in earlier commentaries how the need for proper updates and a fair amount of content each update makes longer storylines challenging. After my first creative breakdown, I started the Chronicles of coffee and cigarettes, adjusting focus from the setting to those who (ab)use it. These were short gags presented as strips. But I don't want to make strips. Or gags for that matter. At least not now.

VS evolved into something I find much more interesting creating — a story. Some of you, who play any edition of WoD, realise this as well. It's not about how shitty or badass your character is in a game mechanic balance perspective. It is the drama that inevitably will surface because everything you touch will turn to shit. Life's still a fucking joke, but everyone doesn't get it, and others don't find it particularly funny.

Continuing on what has been done is troublesome. I could start making proper 'zines altogether out of VS, but there's simply too much backstory only available online. And then there's my conscious decision to direct VS to those already familiar with the Masquerade-setting. A proper shift in medium would require a full re-boot, and probably to drop the universe by White Wolf altogether.

But I assure you that the vampires have not returned into the shadows forever. They are always present, and the great resource material for classical Victorian horror can be applied within a multitude of settings. But VS as it is and has been, will not be for quite a while. I am deeply indebted to you all for giving me these 4 years.

Thank you so much,
I love you.


Faie2010-11-11 00:59:00

aaah this strip was good.. my my did I laugh for awhile.. its wonderful to get feeds and come here.. always up lifting. Peace

Bunnicula2010-11-11 03:03:35

And that is why Tremere are scary. That and the math skills.

Quacthulhu2010-11-11 04:26:07

I wonder, would a Tzimisce faceplant warp their subject's face, or their own?

Paine2010-11-11 06:30:06

Linus, du är fan ta mig helt jävla sjuk i huvet på ett helt underbart sätt!!! ^^ Fortsätt så!

Paine2010-11-11 06:32:02

BTW: I really don't GET the world right now.. or I get it too well.. I get the feel of a Malkavian bond ;)

Martin the Bloody2010-11-11 09:06:47

There is a lot to like about this strip and the recent evolution of VS. The layout of the guide panel as well as the fact panel in previous episode. The detail you put into clothing style of the different characters. Last but not least the humour portrayed through face expression and body language. Linus, they say that genius and insanity are neighbours, keep walking that thin path between their residences and you'll do great!

Nikki DB2010-11-11 09:37:08

What a great idea!

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