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Introducing the Chronicles of Coffee and Cigarettes
Updated at 2011-01-11

..and I don't even smoke. This ought to be good. Not quite a comic but we're getting there. More information to be found below.

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Torpor 2011-05-12

Let the dead rest until they are needed again. It is no use to deny it any longer. I have to put Vampires Suck on indefinite hold for now. There’s a number of reasons why, and I’ll try to sum them up fairly quickly.

One thing is the internet as a medium in itself. You’ve seen me contemplate in earlier commentaries how the need for proper updates and a fair amount of content each update makes longer storylines challenging. After my first creative breakdown, I started the Chronicles of coffee and cigarettes, adjusting focus from the setting to those who (ab)use it. These were short gags presented as strips. But I don’t want to make strips. Or gags for that matter. At least not now.

VS evolved into something I find much more interesting creating – a story. Some of you, who play any edition of WoD, realise this as well. It’s not about how shitty or badass your character is in a game mechanic balance perspective. It is the drama that inevitably will surface because everything you touch will turn to shit. Life’s still a fucking joke, but everyone doesn’t get it, and others don’t find it particularly funny.

Continuing on what has been done is troublesome. I could start making proper ‘zines altogether out of VS, but there’s simply too much backstory only available online. And then there’s my conscious decision to direct VS to those already familiar with the Masquerade-setting. A proper shift in medium would require a full re-boot, and probably to drop the universe by White Wolf altogether.

But I assure you that the vampires have not returned into the shadows forever. They are always present, and the great resource material for classical Victorian horror can be applied within a multitude of settings. But VS as it is and has been, will not be for quite a while. I am deeply indebted to you all for giving me these 4 years.

Thank you so much,
I love you.

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Faie2011-01-11 19:25:52

booo-yyyaaaak :) It's so wonderful to see how my reader icon says ye got a new message. click on it and wooooooooosssssssssshh I find myself here. I like the layout, what ye having stored seem very very nice. äh fan.. orka skriva på Engelska, vill dom andra fatta så kan dom ta en 5p Svenska eller använda googles översättare :) Jag gillar verkligen att se den nya stilen, verkligen glad att se att du är tillbaks. Har alltid gillat att läsa stripparna, och såklart dom små tilläggen från dig.. kör på i din takt, stressa inte.. kan folk inte vänta på att en strip kommer så mm fuck'em.. du skriver, tecknar när din musa inspirerar dig, inte när andra vill att du ska skriva.. Ser verkligen fram emot vad som kommer att dyka upp. massor av peace n love

Nikki DB2011-01-12 13:04:48

I love the new layout. Very very nice.

Asterantha2011-01-14 00:16:44

Hoorah! I'll happily support any new updates, so long as they keep coming! Hopefully your holidays were just what you needed. I can't wait to see where you'll take us next. Also, the new layout is wonderful!

Ravnos in disguise2011-01-29 20:01:39

Välkommen tillbaka! Tittade in har idag, eftersom det var ett tag sen sist, och en trevlig liten hög med serier låg och väntade på mig. Lycka! Vad gäller dina val i hur du gör din serie så vill jag bara säga: utmärkt val. Om du ska orka genomföra något måste du finna glädje i det. Och känna att det är allt annat än en börda. Jag stödjer dig till 100% (för allt DET är värt). Fortsätt så! Welcome back! I just popped by today, since it's been a while, and a nice little pile of comics lay waiting for me. Happiness! When it comes to your choices about how you create your comic I only want to say: excellent choice! If you're going to find the energy to complete something, then you've gotta feel good about it. Anything but it being a burden. I support you to 100% (for what it's worth). Keep it up!

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